5 Crucial Signs Your Building Needs a Pressure Wash

People spend much of their time making their homes and businesses look presentable to their visitors. Much of the effort in ensuring this outcome is spent on making sure they are clean. People take pride in the cleanliness of the places they own, and visitors take comfort in it too.

An often-overlooked part of a building's cleanliness, however, is the outside.

Before visitors see the sparkling clean inside of a building, they look out the outside. If the outside doesn't look clean, they may also assume the same about the inside. 

A good pressure wash can make your building look brand new. Here are five indicators that it may be time for your building exterior to receive one.

1. Pressure Wash Graffiti Off Your Building

If you have graffiti, pressure washing can help get it off with relative ease. Other cleaning methods like scrubbing by hand, or even a hose, aren't powerful enough to clean it off your building exterior. Porous materials like brick can make it even harder to get it completely clean. 

Graffiti presents a bad look to anyone visiting your property, but it also has other implications. It can affect the community and devalues your property and the properties surrounding your own. 

Graffiti also carries a stigma of gang activity to many people. If your building has graffiti on it, people may get the idea that the area is unsafe. 

People will be less willing to purchase your home if you sell it. If you are a business owner, people may look for another business that looks safe. If you spot graffiti on your building, you should schedule a pressure wash as soon as possible. 

2. People Notice How Grimy Your Building Looks

The attractiveness of a building when viewed from the street is called curb appeal. Curb appeal is an important factor for businesses and homeowners. 

For business owners, people will feel more open and welcome if the outside of the building looks clean. 

For homeowners, curb appeal is important when you have guests but is a crucial factor when you sell your home. Potential buyers may skip over your home entirely if it doesn't look pristine at first glance. 

Older buildings in more humid environments tend to collect mold, mildew, dirt, and algae easily. Older buildings have their own appeal to them that comes with age, but they can only capitalize on it if they look clean. An old building covered in dirt and grime will be seen as decrepit.

Regular pressure washing can help old buildings remain beautiful for years to come and help maintain their value when you're ready to sell. 

3. Your Building Needs Repairs

Dirt, algae, and mold make your building look bad, but they can also cause damage to your building. These and other sources of filth can lead to rot, which will merit repairs.

Bird poop looks gross, and it's obvious when your house is covered in it. It's also quite acidic; as bird poop builds up, it can deteriorate the structure of your property.

Mold is notorious for the damage it can do to a home. Depending on the type of material it grows on, the damage can be more serious.

When it grows on organic materials like wood, it has a food source to grow on. Wood also traps moisture, which makes it even easier for it to flourish. As it grows, it eats away at the wood.

Concrete isn't an organic material, but it is porous. This means that it's perfect for trapping organic matter and giving mold an available food source. 

Pressure washing gets rid of mold and also rid surfaces of the organic matter it needs to grow.

4. Frequent Illnesses May Be A Sign of A Larger Problem

Do people who work at your business or live in your home get sick often? This can be indicative of a larger problem. Frequent illnesses can be an indicator of a mold and/or mildew problem in your building.

When dirt, mold, and mildew accumulate on the outside of your building, it's only a matter of time before you see it on the inside of the building. This buildup can affect the air quality of the building. This buildup can contaminate the air inside the building which people breathe in. 

When people breathe in dirt and other contaminants, it can have an impact on their health. Allergies can arise that put people in your building at risk of more serious health complications. 


Pressure washing can get rid of these contaminants before the infestation makes its way into your home. It's also a good idea to pressure wash the sidewalk outside your building too.

5. You Fail Your Building Inspection

Business owners have to meet certain guidelines to keep their businesses open. When conditions are designated as unsafe, it affects your bottom line and reputation. 

If your building fails an inspection, a deep clean may be necessary, which may include a pressure wash. Contaminants can weaken the structural integrity of your building, which means you'll also have to spend money making sure it's up to code.

Scheduling regular appointments for your building to receive a pressure washing can help mitigate damage to the inside of your building. 

We Keep the Inside and Outside of Your Building Pristine

Cleaning is a necessary part of ensuring the safety of anyone who enters. Regular appointments to pressure wash the outside of your building can prevent the buildup of contaminants and help maintain the internal health of your building. It also helps keep your building looking nice and keeps the value of your property at a desirable level if you want to sell it. 

At P3, we are all about bringing about the best of your property. We offer pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and roof cleaning to help you bring out your property's beauty. Contact us today to receive an estimate on one of our cleaning services.