Q: Can this roof algae be removed?

A: The good news is YES! A No-Pressure Roof cleaning service is offered by P3. The roof algae can be killed and removed safely without the use of a pressure washer, this method will restore your roof's appearance and your shingles.

Q: Can this roof algae be removed?

A: When the wrong methods are used, the answer is YES! Inexperienced contractors or home owners can easily damage shingles by removing excessive amounts of shingle granules otherwise called (aggregate/gravel), which are there to protect the shingles. The main culprit of roof cleaning damage is using too much water pressure to blast the shingles clean. Never allow a pressure washer to be used on your roof or any other aggressive method!

Q: So, how can the shingles be cleaned without causing damage?

A: By using the No-pressure methods recommended by the shingle manufacturers themselves. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, GAF, and Owens Corning have all suggested cleaning methods and solutions to clean roofs suffering from roof algae. They recommend using a No-pressure chemical application.

Q: What is the solution that should be used on my shingles?

A: The proper cleaning solution that is recommended by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manu Assoc.), GAF, and Owens Corning is a Bleach based solution with Safe PH Cleaners. This type of cleaner is effective in killing the algae and keeping your roof clean for around 5 Years. This solution is applied with our proprietary pump system which is less pressure than a garden hose. Most pressure washer start at 500 Psi and go up from there, which is just too much pressure for your roof to handle.

Q: Do some of the other lye or sodium hydroxide-based roof cleaners work well?

A: Unfortunately, they do not. The shingle manufacturers do not recommend these products because they are not very effective. They only work when used in conjunction with excessive pressure from a pressure washer, which leads to lessened longevity of the roof. When not used with pressure, some of these products even state on the label that the roof may take 2-3 months to begin appearing clean after an application, and in some cases more than one application is necessary.

Q: Will a Bleach-based solution harm my landscaping?

A: It can when handled improperly; after all, roof algae are plants. We take all precautions to insure the safety of your family and plants. This is why it is important to let a roof cleaning professional clean the roof for you. We know how to handle the cleaner to protect ourselves and your property from damage.

Q: How long will my roof stay clean?

A: There are some biocides and sealers on the market that claim to keep the algae away for good, but the test results are very limited so no one really knows. The best thing to do after getting your roof cleaned is to have your roof sprayed on a yearly basis. For less than a $100 a year we will come out and give your roof a maintenance coat so the algae doesn't return.

Q: When I do get a new roof, are algae-resistant shingles effective?

A: Well, they call them algae-resistant (not algae-proof) for one simple reason; they help in eradicating the roof algae problem but they aren't a full proof answer (not yet anyway). As a roof cleaning contractor, I have seen algae-resistant shingles suffering from roof algae (usually after the 10 year mark), so a No-pressure roof cleaning was still necessary.

Q: When is the best time to have my ROOF Cleaned?

A: First and for most you should have your roof cleaned at the first site of black mold streaks or fungus growth, Unfortunately most people think it will go away on its own so they wait until their roof is a mess and then it usually cost more to have it cleaned. However in the southern regions of the country where the weather is warm(relatively) year round such as (Florida, Georgia and the Carolina's) Roof Cleaning is a year round business.

Q: What should I expect to pay for a Roof Cleaning?

A: It really all depends on the size of your roof and the pitch (steepness of the roof). As a general rule of thumb, a person can expect to pay thousands of dollars to replace their roof and hundreds to clean it, and the cleaning should last around 3 to 5 Years. It's really a no brainer!

Q: What are some good tips in choosing a good roof cleaning contractor?

A. Professional roof cleaning is relatively new to North Carolina. For some companies roof cleaning is a sideline. Ask for references and proof of insurance. P3 is fully insured and a licensed LLC and will furnish you with the proper documentation upon request.